Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Just spent the night in Kaikoura, and unlike last time I fished the wharf 8)

Friday night there was a cold wind blowing onshore north of the Peninsula, conditions to the south looked ideal for surfcasting but I left my surf rods at home :twisted:. Before dark caught a Moki which was shortly followed by my first line caught Butter fish. The fishing was slow, with maybe 1 Moki and 1 other specie being caught ever hour or so. Think I stopped fishing around 1:30am. Luckily the cold wind had died down by that time. All up I think I landed 4 Moki, and 4 other species of reef fish. I think all Moki were caught on Mussel, the other species all took raw prawn. This morning, I fished the wharf for a while, watched a few Butters feeding in the kelp. But only had a few minutes to try and catch them. Then went spearfishing and got a feed of Butters and a nice Cray.

My first rod caught Butterfish

Typical under size wharf Moki

The eerie green glow of the reef opposite the new wharf.