Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Trawlers were far enough offshore to not worry me tonight , as you say tho , there were several …….watched a large bird workup go past half a mile offshore as we were setting up …..
A bunch of guys south of us looked like they were working a torpedo ……certainly plenty far along from any handy public access , so maybe those poachers

We caught half a dozen rig , 10 and 12 lb were the biggest ….a couple of small schoolies and a couple of ele’s , both cows 1 smaller and 1 large ….put most fish back …..

We didnt fish it hard …1 rod each , and a fair bit of the time my gear wasnt in the water ….young guy I took had most of the fun ….

Maori calander was fairly right , was quiet as far as the spot usually fishes , and the fish werent big …..bite times were spot on again , 6-8pm …..then a quiet patch before the sun went down …..