Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


The wharfs, at least the ones around Picton are not really worth fishing. If you are chasing snapper, its better to Strayline without any sinker. Otherwise you might only get snags and rays. If you bring your Kayak, drift fishing around the shallows in Whatamango (Ahuriri Bay) normally produces a few pannies at change of light, or just surfcast off the point. These a few better kayak spots towards the Grove arm but would not identify them on the forums, pm me if you want to know.

The small wharf at the Grove, produced quite a few fish for me. Although have not fished it much in recent time. Got Trevally, Gurnard and Snapper quite frequently and plenty of room for a Surfcaster. Plenty of rays to, they seem to head straight for the buoys or the wharf itself.

[quote:39guhaj7]oh well fishing is about optimism..its in your backyard milli so you should know…I thought with shellfish farms etc..caught a coupla snaps off the rocks a few years ago on my first drive around there..undoubtly kahawai/moki/etc…have no inclination to chase kingis as had 30 years of that..funny though if I had ever listened to some locals I would never had caught some of the fish I have..If even theres only a few mullet there, the pan will be heated and a holiday will be had it looks an inviting place…need a holiday from the rig/elles..maybe theres a few flounder there as well…

Like I said, it looks like it should be swarming in Snapper. It just lacks much of a reputation. Must admit, I have never fished there much (at all). Its a very long drive, and in the same time I can reach many places in the Kenepuru. It does look good and I do intend to fish it one day. Wet baits and I am certain it would produce something. Might even sneak down there and join you one evening, although do have work in the mornings….

I do not know if its true or not, but it said that the strength of the north flowing ocean currents determine wither large numbers of Snapper reach the Port and Cloudy Bay. On years when the current is weak Snapper fishing in the port can be good, in years when the current is normal/strong the Snapper fishing is poor.