Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Got to coopers lagoon bout 4pm, me and a cobber only caught small dogfish and school sharks all returnd of coarse:(

Weather nice to begin with, with the wind behind us, then a very interesting thing happend, i saw a line in the water coming up the beach from the south headding north with dolphins feeding eitherside, I thought it may have been a work up, As it approached I was ever hopefull somthing would hit my prawn but alass it went by.

So a quick change to a spinner saw me charge off down the beach to catch up to it, a few furios casts later to no avail i trudged back to my cobber for him to inform me the drift had changed to a northerly one from a southerly one. Though not productive it was interesting to see the line of clean water come past us and push up towards Birdlings Flat at such a rate of knots.

Not long after the wind turnd southerley and blew the bejusus out of us and it chopped up quite rough, In the hope this would bring the fish on, we stuck it out in the rain, wind and cold for a bit longer before finally pulling the plug at about 9pm.

One other sole fisherman in abig camper bus caught and realased a skate, other than that a few diferant suzuki vehicles cruising around with whitebait nets etc.

good to see some of you did ok yesterday, guess I didnt get out early enough, thought I best do the lawns first aye, cheers, Hipp