Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Last minute change of plans saw me head out for my first Rig fish of the season, got to Monkey Bay. Sea was marginal for Monkey but I threw my pot out anyway. No place to tie the rope to so left it at the mercy off the waves… Caught a couple of red cods on the prawn, once I got crabs I started sending them out. They were being hit hard and it was not long until I had a big Rig in the breakers. That was followed by another of similar size a while later.Was getting late, so I packed my Rods away and returned to find my Pot rope had been washed off the rocks and now floating out of reach :x Being to lazy to walk back for a Rod I tried with a long piece of drift wood without much luck, Finally decided to go and get my rod… Then I spotted my Reels and a pulley Rig still on the beach :idea: So I tied the pulley to the reel and was throwing it out by hand, second throw and I knew I was a idiot when I felt the hook dig deep into my finger.

Was to deep to quickly pull out, so I walked back to the car for more tools. The theory goes you should push the point back through the skin then cut the barb off, but that was much to painful. Next I thought of cutting it out, but sanity returned and I eventually worked the hook back out the way it went in 8) Plus it was a blunt hook……

While sucking as much blood as possible from the hook hole a car turned up, it was a guy who has lost his cellphone on the beach earlier in the day. So I found it for him. Then I got my rod, and retrieved my crab pot rope second cast. Was back home quite a bit later then planned.

Got a few Pics which I would throw up when I get around to uploading them.