Re: Latest catches Spring – 2011


Damn, everyones catching fish but me :cry:

Just spent Marlb Anniversary weekend in South Westland, did several different types of fishing so rather then posting in several threads its all going into this one.

After a long drive got to Bruce Bay, Saturday morning started overcast with passing showers, had a few trout follow at the Rivermouth. Did a bit of Yak fishing in the sea and blanked, upon landing mistimed and had my Yak smashed into my leg which was a great… Then I went and trolled Lake Paringa (which is next to Lake Moeraki) in the rain but caught nothing. Stayed in the motel that night.

Got sick of fishing in the rain so went to Haast where it was not raining, after 10 minutes got bored of whitebaiting so drove down to Jackson Bay for lunch. Its nice down there, so many rivers. Saw what looked like large schools of mullet of the wharf. Wished I had more time to do it justice. Back up to Bruce Bay after lunch, I walked to the Mouth of Jacobs River and talked to the whitebaiters (nice looking river mouth), one of them gave me a quad ride back to the Carpark. Surfcasted that night in the rain, caught tiny Dogfish and Red Cod then shortly after 9pm one of my rods broke.. So packed up. Today rivers were swollen, thought about Whitebaiting but could not be bothered disinfecting my net. So took the entire day to drive home. So drove around 2000km for a tiny Dogfish and a even smaller Red Cod

Might try and get back down to Moeraki or Paringa in Feb/Mar when the Salmon are running.