Re: Latest Catches Autumn/Winter 2011


Yes, you have a problem in Timaru. Traditional LBG off the rocks doesn’t get snagged if you’re onto it because you strayline with floating baits. This avoids gummy sharks (what we call dogfish up North). Unfortunately your only target eating species (ellies and cod) are bottom feeders so you have to cast way out past snags with a sinker or use breakaway terminal tackle or a slidebait rig.

I’ve tried three Timaru breakwaters and all were disgustingly shallow. Totally disappointed with them. I don’t snag up hardly ever with floating baits but I don’t catch fish either (so far) in Timaru. To start hooking up I have to use a sinker and fish the bottom. Still trying to work it out myself… like the best method to use. I’m still experimenting with locations and fishing methods for this area.

I’m going to go out again in the next two weeks and give the harbour hell.

I’ve also never caught a Moki because I never use shellfish bait and I’ve never seen an Elephant fish so I’m finding it interesting. Basically I’m shark fishing with the biggest baits I can get out there… while always trying for anything I can use as a live bait. My number one favourite fishing is live baiting. So exciting compared to other methods I’ve tried. I hate just sitting around doing nothing.