Re: Latest Catches Autumn/Winter 2011


Some of the older fishers here may recall a guy by the name of Dave Botino …..he was a local kite maker and keen fisherman ….he combined his skills and was in competition to Paul Barnes of north island fame ….Paul stole some of Daves ideas , but that’s another story lol

Anyways , fishing at Napenape in mid July , roughly 15yrs ago ….using squid for bait , and sending the hooks out the usual 1 Km ….bugger me if he didnt catch a monster elephant ish … was a good 4 foot long ……I vaugely recall photos in a fishing mag …….

So you just never know when your going to catch one …..I know from experience that avoiding the doggies will be vital …paua meat would be my bet ….

Fishing off our beaches is better now than it was back then … who knows