Re: Latest Catches Autumn/Winter 2011

Jones Jr.

Went up to Kaikoura on Saturday and met up with Greg (Firey Ginga? You still that name Greg?). Stayed two nights and came back on Monday afternoon. And yes all of a sudden Miliwolf turned up! lol. So that was good with the 3 of us fishing.

Moki fishing was pretty much non-existent although Greg did get a small one which he put back of course. Main fair was some good sized clean red cod. Greg caught most of them but I did get a few. Had quite a nice bag of fillets at the end of the trip. Met some locals up there and an Indian lady cooked up some red cod fillets and we had them for lunch on Monday and dam they were really good! Not the red cod I used to know, has given me a new found respect for this fish. It actually tasted really good, lol.

One thing is we fillited the fish pretty much strait away and I had a chilly bin full of ice that we then put the fillets on (put the fillets inside frezzer bags with a twisty tie), this and the fact we washed the fillets in salt water to get rid of scales and the like probably contributed to them tasting quite nice.

Was a good trip and perhaps I might duck out for some red cod fishing this winter around Canterbury.