Re: Latest Catches


Took some first timers to the canal yesterday nephew got a 10lb rainbow and two salmon 8lb and 11lb
The 11lb fish put up the most amazing fight took almost 20min to land.
I caught an 11.5lb bow and a nice salmon close to 10lb also.
The kids had a great day and it was great to see them smiling still at 11pm when we got home to show their mums n dads their catches.
Only one grump with the day tho at around 6pm a white 4wd rolls up and parks down beside where the kids were fishing …
3 older gentiles get out and quickly set up their wares and proceed to muscle the two kids out of their spots
After getting their attention with “oi you”! Several times
I asked what gives you the right to come in and push a couple kids outta there spots?
“they werent here when we got here i can tell you that” one replied
I said probably went to get some bait from the car guys …which was parked 8-10m from where they were fishing
“not our fault they went to get bait”
I lost it i said you f old pricks move down or il come and make you move down your older and supposed to be sporting and supportive of these kids fishing and instead you come and nick their spots “not your fault they went to get bait”
You old asshole piss off.
They moved and let the kids fish and 2min after one boy hooked his 11lb salmon and made them all clear their gear downstream which one failed to do even after his mates and i asked him to wind in … He became tangled with the fish and said “i think ive got a fish on” he said SOME MOTHERS DO AV EM….
first prize for fishing idiot of the month
His bailarm was flicked and we landed the mighty tough salmon
Woundup helping a family from chch with techniques and they caught their fish to take home too
I was thanked with a venison burger