Re: Latest Catches


Just had a few days fishing at Nape Nape and Kaikoura. Fished with Miliwolf on Wednesday night and Greg the Ginga/Steve/Aaron on Thursday night at the Kaikoura wharf.
Miliwolf caught what looked like a big poo (sea slug?). There were lots of small fish hanging around the wharf, especially at night time, the only legal sized fish I got there were a 48cm/2kg blue moki and some red cod that were about 25cm but not worth taking. There were some local teenagers cutting up well undersized moki they caught to use as bait.
I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but as soon as I started using a packet of Pams prawns instead of the ones from Countdown, the prawns got very little interest.
In two visits to Nape Nape I got a 35cm blue cod and a reasonable sized octopus, and let the octopus crawl back after cutting it free.