Re: Latest Catches


Hi baitman – yeh a lovely fish. It was caught on twilight and it was blowing a gale down there last night – throwing rapalas and the like back at us. The water was also quite dirty – which it lends to be past the top huts. Ang was using a small black ticer with red markings on 1 side. The technique used was fantastic – As I say Ang doesn’t fish a lot and on the previous cast had got caught on weeds – so when the fish took it she thought the same – so gave a good yank – so hooked good. She then realised it was a fish so reeled in as fast as possible – continuously. Luckily I’d made sure the tension was right – so this fish was effectively being played on the reel’s clutch!

Only once the fish had been dragged by the clutch into the deep river bank did I get concerned for the 6lb line, so took over the rod and guided it back out to open water – it wasn’t going to be landed at that point. Ang took control of the net and it took 3 attempts to actually get the fish onto the bank.

I’ve fished there day and night many times and not caught anything like this. Tried all sorts of lures – from the bank and boat. Zilch. I’ve seen monsters jump clean clear of the water – I’ve seen them swim around my legs on the boat ramp. Zilch. My dear wife picks up a rod and inside 30 minutes has this lovely fish.

Funnily enough – I went down to the L2 a couple of weeks back and stopped off at Honby Outdoors on Carmen. My first time in there and bought a Rapala – it got me that 4lb trout posted above. I went back to the shop to say thanks and bought that small black ticer. It had sat in the car since and I thought it would be the ideal weight for Ang given the conditions – not too big or small – so took it out of the bag and bang. So I think Hornby Outdoors is my lucky tackle shop!