Re: Latest Catches


Oh he was on his own and he managed to get the treble on his rapala stuck so far into the back of his head that he and 2 other fishermen couldn’t get it out. Took A&E to sort it out. Shalln’t say who it was or how it got there – shall leave that to your imagination! Or maybe we’ll get an ‘owning up to it’ post at some time!

’tis a funny time for the Selwyn all round. I took a jaunt down there this evening. I was blown out by my regular fishing buddies, 1 at work, the other licking wounds (possibly a very sore head!), so my wife said she’d come along. I was rather suprised as she only fishes a couple of time a year – but happy for the company. I have fished the Selwyn many times and caught zilch – so it was obvious what was going to happen – and it did. She caught this lovely 11lb jack.