Re: Latest Catches


Went down the coast, at salty the sea was rough so decided to drive back to Seaview. There the sea was unsettled but still fishable. I guess my lines were in the water before 7pm.

On one rod I fished 2 bits of cooked prawn, while on the other I used a selection of bait. The fishing was very slow. The first sign of life occurred just on dark and i pulled in a large red cod. Sadly I must of wenched it in backwards because it would not revive when I tried to release it :| …. So had to keep it. It had been eating crabs.

On the second rod I decided to try a piece of salted bonito, and that also resulted in a red cod which was 51cm long at a guess. Can not remember one that long before, sadly it had swallowed the hook which meant I had to keep it to. So have to find someone to eat two big red cods tomorrow.

I hope the cod were just a fluke and not a sign that the winter fish are returning. Might have to start using bigger hooks again because cod swallow 4/0 to easily.