Re: Latest Catches


Yea i usualy fish standard 2 hook ledger traces with 80lb line with twisted droppers and 5/0 or 6/0 hooks there,but on that day i was only using 1 hook traces on my rods cos i lost lots of gear and they were still taking the bait+ shorter traces means i could cast further and really needed to get the disance that day :P
I allways fish kahawai at that beach, nothing else seems to work as good :)

I fish lots on that beach just in front of the carpack to the railway station I’ve caught loads of stuff there and also fish the competition there every year.

Yea i fish loads at the brighton pier mostly at night for rig in the spring & summer
cod at night in the winter as well
and occasionaly fish in the day for kahawai and herring for bait

My name is Andrew I know most of the regulars that go down there, often fish in a canterbury jacket lol