Re: Latest Catches


I went fishing in Kaikoura last week on Thurs 28th, fri 29 and Sat

On Thursday i fished from 12pm till 3.30pm got 5 resonable kahawai from 3lb to 5lb in about 5 mins which i used for bait over the 3 days which turned out to be very useful, and then lost a monster stingray seen it a few times but then most have run me into some rocks because it damged main line preti badly.

On Friday i fished from 10am to 1.30pm and got 7 seven gill sharks and lost 3 seven gill sharks it was realy rough waves even tho they might not look it in photo lol made it hard to land them cos they just kept rolling around on my line and tangling up and snaping my shock leader of 60lb happned twice that day one just fell off in the surf :P

On Sat i fished from about 10am to 2pm and got a conger and 4 seven gill sharks, lost 2 seven gill sharks because it was even rougher than friday! it was bery big swells, never seen them that big before, some most have been close to 3m, which was crazy because they are as tall as you on the beach but they dnt seem to make it up the stones.. luckily!

Put all the seven gill sharks back and the conger :)

Lost loads of sinkers but it was fun :)

good old days