Re: Latest Catches


Yesterday took a drive to a local river mouth and the KY were running, even the big ones. I spent several hours flyfishing in the rain and landed around 10-15 small fish….

There was around 10 people spinning and 6 baitfishing. One of the guys spinning caught 3 large KY and heaps of small ones. I probably out-fished the other spinners….. A group of three bait-fisherman also caught a pile of KY several large. Most of the bait fisherman caught few of nothing… I feel getting the right spot was important. Still a fun but wet day.

Today, I decided to drive to French pass for a bit of fishing. Got to the turn off and the rain started, decided to cancel the trip. Decided to go and check out the road to Hori bay and a few other spots in that area, the rain was bucketing day at times. Decided to drive to Nelson city and check out a few stores. Drove back and had a look at the Hori Bay entrance, the forestry company had the gate *Locked*…. their excuse is that crews are currently working in the area… on a wet Sunday?

Forestry companies really annoy me how they abuse their ability to close roads and keep them closed. There is a public easement across that land and should only be closed when they have a good reason!. Most forestry companies in Marlborough only close the roads during weekdays on during times of extreme fire risks which is the way it should be.

Anyway, I also checked out the Kokarua road and had a look in the Whangamoa river, it was high so did not look for trout. Again forestry had the road closed before it got near the coast. The Whangamoa fishes best in the lower reaches.

By now it was fine but was to late to go to French pass so I drove over to Tennyson inlet instead and fished at tuna bay off the wharf. Had 4kg of Salmon burly in the river which got the attention of the local herrings. All the baits I tried did not stay on the hook, eventually caught a herring and sent him out as a live bait. Apart from the odd baitfish caught nothing.