Re: Latest Catches


Had a rather fun little fish up the Waihopai this afternoon, this is how describes it “While not a well-recognised fishing river, the Waihopai holds a reasonable number of fish.” From my past experiences I say this is fairly accurate, there are fish there but one has to put the effort in. It was a beautiful calm day, and the autumn colours made the river quite picturesque. The drifting willow leaves made spinning a pain, nearly every second cast would snag a leaf.

The afternoon started quite well, just above my entry is a long shallow run but up against the bank is a slightly deeper spot. Past experience has taught me such spots often hold a fish but I only half hearteningly casted there because a lot of better looking water further back was barren. Sure enough a fairly small trout gave chase and even hit my Rapala. I fished many kilometers upstream, and despite covering much good looking water I only managed to spook a bunch of fingerlings. Might of seen a couple of lbers but the memory is already fading. Then I got to a stunning pool, the kind of pool which must hold a fish, it looks to good not to. Past experience has taught me these pools are normally barren but I decided to fish it anyway, third cast I saw the flash of the following fish then the pressure from its strike, it was a decent enough size fish then it went crazy with four jumps in a row. Was quickly brought to the net and a well conditioned hen was released. Saw one more trout but that was it for the day.

I also rescued a fuzzy white goat kid from a cliff. Never thought I would rescue a goat from a cliff, the things are designed to sprint up them….

Was pleased to finally catch a trout in the Waihopai and while fish numbers were low it was a very pleasant afternoon in a unrecognized river, think I might try again next year.