Re: Latest Catches


No catches to report :(

Upper Wairau River on easter Friday, saw a couple. None fooled. Hurt myself.. One bugger basically rejected my entire fly box.
Scouted the Mot on Saturday, saw two in a nice backwater but did no trout fishing. Thigh hurt to walk. .

Sunday, Spin fished my favorite stretch of the Awatere, had 9 follows and a couple of strikes but none hooked. Also saw a river best fish. Leg, back, neck, head was aching so had to leave river.

Today. Decided to have a gentle walk along Spring Creek, small bridge was under water, I thought I knew where it was and missed so plunged up to my waist in a drain, and only saw one small trout.

Left Spring creek and found myself a very nice backwater (very calm and clear), I set up a ambush and after excessive waiting got one to take my fly but it dropped it almost immediately. A short while later I tricked the biggest trout in the pool (probable PB) and despite my best effort it charged straight towards the rocks and broke free. This spooked the other trout so I went home. Although I am very pleased with my effort, until recently I had next to no show of tricking backwater trout other then dapping. But today I was casting in front and doing everything right and managed to trick two :mrgreen: .