Re: Latest Catches


Had a bit of fun this morning on the Rai, been a while since I fished it upstream of the lower reaches. Choose a access I never used before, and after a bit of jungle bashing I spotted my first fish. It was sipping something of the surface and it ignored my Cicada, changed to a extremely rusted willow grub but it had departed. Also while change to the willow grub a nice brown swam right up to me then took up position about 5m upstream. Slowly moved upstream, then on a drift which I was about to recast I saw a trout heading downstream at full speed, it then spent seconds just sipping water before engulfing my Cicada. :x To much slack in my line so I stuffed the strike.

Further upstream, another trout was feeding, he to grabbed my Cicada but I striked to soon :x , next pond had good fish numbers including one big bugger who spooked when I splashed my Cicada in front of him, but at the head of the pool a feisty trout grabbed my Cicada and the battle was on. After a longer then needed fight (someone had his drag right off) I guided him into the net. Spent a couple more hours fishing upstream but saw no more fish.

That remains me, I need to restock on willow grub flies.

Feisty little trout. The photo makes him look smaller then reality…