Re: Latest Catches


Something a little different for me, decided to head down to the estuary and target Sea Run browns. Fished a new section of the river, smelly, shallow mud flat mostly… Technically its probably sea rather then river… Anyway, further upstream I discovered a very nice section which is only wadable at low tide, even then I was up to my chest a couple of times to get around clumps of tall reeds. There a meter deep channel run close to the shore, further out it was quite shallow

This was a scouting trip so I brought along my spin rod, and a few Rapala’s. Fishing was quite slow, with only the occasional strike and spooked mullet, then the fellow below grab hold of the lure. Did not weigh him but would likely be over 5lb. He grabbed a vampire colour suspending Huskey Jerk, I feel the larger lures are more tempting for trout in the food rich estuary. Did not bring a headlamp so it was a quick walk back to the car while the last of the light remained in the western sky.

I suspect a live or dead bully would be a lethal bait fished in that channel after dark :twisted: