Re: Latest Catches


i use a banana sinker thing whatever they are called eh .. have a wide range of weights mate depending on current and depth ..
i run 10-12 lb yo zuri on a shimano curado .. tie on the sinker and have about a meter of 15 lb yo zuri to a baitholder hook about the size of your thumb fingernail if you know what i mean ? ( dont know actual size sorry )
but the baitholder part is nessesary .. to hold the silvery on for the cast ..
hook the silvery through the head strait through just behind the eyes and i sometime do a second one through the body .
i fish it as a dead bait .. ( as if it is dead and floating ou the mouth and is an easy mean for any fish )
most of the fish i catch is when i leave the spool free as it drifts out the mouth then when winding in the slack line you feel the kicking :)
silveries outfishes lures for searuns and kahawai mate !! the way to go ! :)