Re: Latest Catches


Did quite a bit of freshwater fishing this weekend, started with a Spin fish in the Taylor. We are blessed to have such a good trout river in the middle of town. Saturday, fished Pelorus and did not see a single fish, then headed up a old favorite which has been fairly barren to discovered the fish have returned :grin: … and the floods have changed the pools and ripped much of the rocks bare of scrub. They still buggers to catch up there.

Today, started with a fly fish on Spring Creek, the first trout of the day spooked the moment I looked at it :lol: , then found a big trout which normally spooks the moment I close my car door but he and a smaller friend stuck around and allowed me to throw my entire fly box at them… not even my fly line would put the little bugger down for more then a few seconds. The small fry did get hooked for a while, and he disappeared for about 5 minutes before feeding again :lol: … Gave up on them. All other trout spooked either on sight or after first cast. On way back meet a spin angler, so got him to throw a few at the big trout which continued to feed…. so I threw a few more flies at it (from directly upstream : :!: ) and it happily continued to feed. Back to car, my mate who fishes there often had just arrived, so I took him to the big trout to see if his specialized nymphs would work, second cast and it spooked and was gone. I do not think I would ever understand what causes trout to spook…

Afternoon went trolling again in the Pelorus. Got to a couple of nice remote runs which I fly fished, First was barren, saw half a dozen in the next. While I was sitting to replace a fly, one cheeky bugger swam right up to me for a closer look. Got sick of fly fishing, so trolled back upstream. Fun weekend.

Still need to figure out a decent mount for my Camera.

edit: Fixed about 10,000 typos and grammar errors ect…. probably made several thousand more.