Re: Latest Catches


The only good thing about winter fishing is that it get dark early. I want the summer to go on and on and on….. So much more fishing to do.

Catching red cod and dogfish have never excited me. Would prefer a Snapper, gurnard, tope, rig, KY or trout any day of the week. I do not have enough time to go fishing and summer is over to quickly.

I did a bit of diving around Kaikouria last winter and there was always plenty of Moki around. So I say they are worth targeting any time of the year.

This winter I would do a bit of fishing. Mainly targeting Moki and maybe butterfish. Slightly offtopic but I also hope to do a bit more spearfishing over the winter and maybe try and locate a odd blue cod spot a quick paddle away. But generally the winter months are quite slow for surfcasting.