Re: Latest Catches


Done quite a bit of trout fishing this long weekend, went trolling in a local river Saturday Afternoon. I have never had much success trolling previously, but managed to land a 3lb rainbow which was in poor condition and a energetic 1.5lb searun.

Had no plans for today but found myself checking out the whitebaiters near the mouth, soon had my little spinners out but got nothing. Moved further upstream where I got the fly gear out and landed two browns. One about 2lbs the other a quarter that. Had a few more show interest.

Change gear and rivers again, spotted a little trout feeding in the middle of a massive patch of weed, threw my Rapala at him a few times but the lack of water meant I could not get a good presentation. Back to car and return with my 6wt, drifted a dry then a nymph and hooked him, but between the weed and a tip wrap he managed to break free. Further upstream, saw plenty but hooked none.