Re: Latest Catches


Had a good night up at the Kaikoura wharf with a mate and Aaron on thursday. Plenty of fish caught, alot of just undersize moke 34-38cm were taken and put back. A few decent sized cod, spotties and banded wrasse of various varities. My mate Robb also hooked up a large Moki, est 80cm. Got it to the surface and probably third of the way up the wharf before his line snapped. I also caught a decent jack mackerel, 2.5kg and about 70cm long. Saw them attacking piper on the surface so thought i would chuck out a half prawn on the surface, and within 30sec a mackerel hit it and was caught. Saw a few more about along with barracouta and a stingy ray that was just below the surface with a big span of around 1.5m.