Re: Latest Catches


Thanks baitman,

Lyndon is close to home for me in Darfield so I guess thats why Ive been there so often,and the only place Ive ever fished with a fly.

I have done well on spin gear in Benmore and Coleridge mainly trolling or driftfishing around the river mouths of the lakes and have fished many ohter rivers and lakes with some, but not a lot of succees over the years, its along learning curve :).

Thanks for the tip re a damsel nymph Ill give it ago,once i find out if I have one in my box of handme down tricks or buy some to try.

I really dont know what im doing lol, all my wet flys were floating!!! and some of my dry ones were sinking! yesterday.

Ill let you know how i go next time maybe tonight, new moon it should be good the next few days.

cheers, Hipp