Re: Latest Catches


Had a look down the coast yesty.The sea was dead calm all the way down to Parikawa.Fished there for a few hours and didnt even get a bite.So packed up and headed back up to seaview and there wasnt a hell of alot happening there either apart from a few doggies and a handful of schoolies.It was like glass and clean as but no decent sized sharks to be had.Maybe the rough seas we had awhile back had something to do with it.I was biffing out big and bloody fish baits all day and nothing big enough to peel a few yards off so obviously wasnt anything in the area interested in a feed.I dont plan on doin a hell of alot of fishing down the beaches over winter so hopefully something turns up over the next 3 of 4 weeks before I put surfcasters away and breakout the wharf gear.Moki will be target species for me for the next 8 months or so.They seem to be around certain spots all year-round.