Re: Latest Catches


Could easily spend several hundred dollars on that site Fishy Bishy.

There are good and bad minnow lures on trademe. Its gambling really, for the price of 1 Rapala you can get 10 good lures or 10 crappy ones. Reading the feedback can sometimes help because buyers sometime leave comments regarding the quality of the lures purchased.

Anyway went trout fishing again this evening, a few days back purchased a bunch of non-popular colours from a shops bargain bin. Also a couple of Yo-Zori Minnows because they are awesome :roll: .

Starting fishing a insanely bright orange Yo-zori, the water is now very clear and after 20 casts had little luck so changed to a brown with black dot Toby. After a few casts hooked up a small sea run which spat the hook, a while later did a rubbish cast which landed in a good spot. Quickly hooked a nice size brown on the retrieve. While past with no more strikes so decided to change to a orange spotted Tassy but no further action.