Re: Latest Catches


Yeah, plenty on Trademe, but the best ones were assembled and sold by the trader called SouthernTroutLures.

The only ones I am seriously considering are these ones 328048757 , slightly more complicated then the generic ones I favor, but the quality (from the image) seems decent enough. Claiming to have Mustad hooks should mean they are better then the generic Chinese ones (They claim to have a “Quantity fit and finish” which sounds great :lol:, suppose that must mean they used multiple finishes.). Slightly heavier then what I normally use but might be a good thing. $5 each is a fair price if the quality is good.

Might even grab a bunch of these (328004301), bit of a gamble but lure construction is simple enough so hopefully they would work. With these cheaper lures I often replace the split rings and sometimes the hook if the quality seems lacking.