Re: Latest Catches


Been down south for a week did a it of fishing down by some whitebaiters at the waiau river mouth, tried everything, whitebait patterns on fly rod, live smelt, spinning with varius lures, got 5 trout but all under a pound. :?
Spotted a possible double figure brown lurking under a bridge in a small stream and I cast a veltec on my spin rod; got him on ; and the hook pinged out after thirty seconds, then the snap lock opened and I lost the lure. :evil:
Fished the Aparima and spotted 8-9 good trout in some large backwashes, but kept bumbling about and spooking them, finally after stalking one I managed to get a take on a damsel nymph , but again the hook pinged out :evil: :evil:

On the way back to Dunedin, fished the Mataura, stacks of tout rising to large black/dark brown maflies but the floating coating on my floating airflo leader kept slipping free of the mono core and kept coiling whenever I made a cast. So out came the spin rod and got a lovely 3lb brown on a veltec. Very energetic plenty of jumps great way to end the trip and restore my faith in my fish catching abilities :grin: