Re: Latest Catches


The paddock rocks look nice. But probably thrashed by people launching at okiwi bay.

If I were to paddle out I would probably hang around woodmands bay/Ngamuka bay area, maybe over to the small island north of Woodmansbay…. or maybe head to the eastern point of Elmslie Bay. The western point also looks nice, but would not paddle anywhere near the pass itself. I believe the current is faster then I can easily paddle…

I have caught Blue cod in the pass itself on softbait, and also caught a Snapper on a trout spinner casting it into the pass. Only fished this area once before.

There is a picture of a 36kg Kingfish speared somewhere in the sounds on another fishing forum. Diving in the pass itself is a fairly risking thing to attempt, you only have a few minutes at slack tide.

I am thinking plenty of burley from French pass wharf could produce.