Re: Latest Catches


A few weeks back I said “I am going to fly fish two of my favorite rivers before the end of the season and post the results here minus river names I am also going to catch a fish bigger then 6lb”

Well, I have already mentioned the first river, today I was up at 6am and off to fish the second. The carpark was empty so I had the river to myself :P There were a few real beauties in this river but all the trout were extremely shy, even the smallest glimpse of a person or flyline would put them of their feed. To make matters worst the river was low and very clear.

My casting was less then perfect, but towards the end of the day I managed to trick a nice 6lb+ brown into taking a twilight beauty fly :) I am pleased that I manage to catch a fish under such challenging conditions. I probably watched that trout patrol his pond for a good 20 minutes before sitting up the trap,

So I did manage to catch a fish bigger then 6lb, it was probably only 6.2lb but that is still bigger 8)