Re: Latest Catches


Fished a beach between Seaview and the Saltworks…. Thats enough clues. Got there at 4:30pm, there was low cloud but the sea was calm. Used three rods, two with cooked prawn and a third using garfish for bait. Hooks were 0/4 circles. Tide was high and I fished the outgoing tide.

Caught a handful of Red Cod on the garfish, then a constant stream of tiny to small school sharks. After dark, I landed a large dogfish. It was very foggy down there, had trouble seeing more then 200m down the beach. The prawn baits only had two nibbles one got bent then the other… then nothing. After 8pm it started to rain so I packed up and was in the car by 9pm.

So still no rig.

Location: Blind River
Date: 24-october
Time: 4:30pm-9pm
Tide: High to low (fished outgoing)
Weather: Foggy with showers. No wind, calm sea.
Fish caught: Red Cod, Tope, Dogfish.
Bait: Half garfish on 4/0 circle