Re: Latest Catches


Went up to Kaikoura on friday for the night with Aaron. Fished the wharf with little succes, caught mostly spotties during the daylight then on evening and into the early night we were catching red cod. Aaron caught one moki, although undersized and I hooked up on one that fought pretty well and took my line under the wharf were it busted off. Definitly the most fight Ive had from a moki. The one disapointing thing with the wharf is the fact that the light at the end of it is no longer working, and it looks like the crane on the wharf is no longer operational, which makes me think that there no longer going to keep up with maintanince or there is going to be some major work done on it.

With out the light there I think fishing till the small wee hours wont be the same. Probably only be able to fish for a couple hours after sunset.

Also went for a surfcast on the main railway station beach, had a few bites but nothing really to get the heart racing!