Re: Latest Catches 3


Went for a fish down at Salty tonight….

Moderate strength southerly with a decent swelll.. Fairly calm with misty rain…. High tide around 9:30-ish,

Crab pot baited with whole Kahawai frame produced a good number of crabs initally, Currently have 30 odd in the freezer which is good to know… Caught my first Rig of the season around dark, probably around 3kg.

edit: These a Seagull down at Salty with a section of fishing rig hanging from its beak, quite a confident cheeky bird. Anyone want to help me catch it tomorrow night to see if the hook can be removed or at-least shorten the nylon? It still has quite a appetite which is good.

If the bird is a no show then the fishing should be worth the trip.