Re: Latest Catches 3


Back from my overnight trip.

Arrived at the point in Te Mahia bay around 5:30pm, after scouting out the wind conditions decided it was sheltered enough to fish. Rods in water at low tide, a few minutes before 6pm one of my rods bent over and was pulled into the sea. I retrieved it to find the fish still on. Could feel headshacks on the end of the line so was fairly certain it was a snapper or maybe a sevengiller wrapping itself, was not long before I caught a glimpse of Red. If I was fishforpot fishing a isolated point on Banks peninsula I would realise it was a nice watery red cod, luckily I am not and quickly had the chunky snappers on the rock. That one got released and a few minutes later had another strike and run but that was it for the night. Not even a nibble over Moonraise, Hightide or dawn. Went home after the spotties woke up in the morning. Would post a pic if I can figure out how to download from my phone. If I can’t just picture a typical 6lb-ish snapper (edit: lost the usb cable so not going to happen).

Looking forward to the longer evenings thanks to Daylight saving. Might go for a Rig or Moki fish later this week.

Edit: Also had a look for Flounders in the grove arm this morning, tide was about 3/4 in. Did not see any, must go there one night with my flounder light.

Edit 2: I also successfully striped and reconstructed my reel which went for a swim. I suspect I fixed more then I broke which could be a first in my attempts to service reels. Had to dismantle bits three times because I left parts out :evil: