Re: Latest Catches 3


Just back from fishing the Pier today. Heaps of mullet in the water was getting bites soon as the bait was in the water and got three at once at one stage. Also a lot of kahawai around, heard there was a few caught in the morning and saw about 4 or 5 caught between the asians when I was up there, a school came past and there was 4 caught within 5 minutes. Got two nice size ones myself so was worth the trip. Thought I’d try for an early season rig tonight and had crab baits out for an hour or so before deciding to pack up once everyone else had gone. Wound in one of my traces and something had taken one of the crab baits and messed up the other but never heard any runs. Still the odd dogfish around and a lot of small school sharks being caught, also heard of a few barracouta around.

Got a bag of crabs in the freezer so might be worth a trip out to the beach to try for some rig, I remember a guy catching a few at birdlings in august last year so there’s some chance they’ll be around by now.