Re: Latest Catches 3


Was a decent tide (High tide 10pm) so decided to head down to the beach for a fish. I was out of Crabs so wanted to restock but the prevalent wind of the day was from the NW or NNW which typically means unpleasant conditions at the crab spot.

So off to cloudy bay instead… There was a bit of a breeze with a choppy sea but no swell to speak of. First line was in the water around 7pm, first and only fish followed shortly after. A healthy looking modest Red Cod who took razor clam for bait. My raw prawns remained untouched all evening.

As it grew dark the wind died down even more and the evening was quite pleasant. Was considering packing up when I saw a bright light out at sea, I instantly thought “Moon Raise” so decided to fish a while longer… The light looked a bit strange, but I thought there must have been low cloud blocking parts of a large moon…. Kind of looked like explosions. Looked liked wellington was being bombed…. Shortly after I realised the flashing lights were most likely the Welligton City firework display. Was quite surprised to see them from the Marlborough coast. So was a bit disappointed that I did not get to fish Moon raise. Stopped fishing at 9:30pm.