Re: Latest Catches 3


hi ya all,
Just back from the Sounds at the end of the month, no snapper about,but There was plenty of Kahawai,Yellow eyed Mullet, Piper,and an unknowen to me fish that looked a bit like a small Kahawai or maybe some sort of Mackral, dog fish as always, some nice green lipped mussels and rock oysters to eat from low tide, two days of sun two of heavy rain.
bring on the good weather, looking forward to geting out over spring, summer.
Ohh and I got anice Rig and a couple of large non wormy Red Cod over in Ross at the end of July,
Havent been on this site for a while (been hunting over the winter) so ill have to catch up on your posts to see whats been happining.

be lucky, Hipp