Re: Latest Catches 3


The now dead old guy that got me into fishing many years ago had a cool technique ….

He had a bow and arrow , he would fire the arrow , with a little grapple on the tip , off a clifftop ….line attached of course
And had a sliding doofa that’s around here somewhere , he’d run a 2nd line down the first and catch/retrieve the fish on it …

At the end of the day , a 2nd sliding doofa was sent down the line , with a razor blade on a pivot …..when it reached the arrow , a tug backwards would see the line cut and everything would be pulled back ….

The arrow was sacrifical …and no line lost ……..

I never got to see it working , he hadnt used it since before the war ..or thereabout ….but seen all the gear …..

He was a very clever guy , retired engineer ….he made a cannon for shooting a 6lb lead ball a mile out with line attached , nearly shot down one of the airforces jets on its way to a flyover at Riccarton racecourse to showoff for the Queen many years ago …..that story was hilarious …..

Learnt a lot from him …and some of the oldtime stories wow ….

Ling in lyttleton , gurnard off birdlings , grouper off pendarves ……man they had it lucky