Re: Latest Catches 3


I caught 3 beaut gurnard off the beach north of kaikoura last year I think , was early jan from memory ….

It was incoming tide , about 8-9am ……just as the kahawai were thinning out a little …..if ya could get to the bottom past them you had a chance of a gurnard

We’d have been maybe half a mile south of the second creek “sawdust pit” ..theres an old 4wd track alongside the railway line that take you right to the spot ….But I imagine the beach is much of a muchness along there ……I was casting a good 100mtrs tho , trying to get past the kahawai

Strip baits of fresh mullet work best ….

No joy this year tho , kahawai , 7 gillers and skate were prolific

Drop us a line if your thinking of a mission up there tho , id be keen to tag along

Oh , I got talking to a local earlier in the year , he said he knows a guy who caught a kingie off the beach there , and his brother caught a 20lb snapper off the beach at manamanu ….Ive not been there , looks shallow at the south end , but who knows