Re: Latest Catches 3


No pics , son lost the lead from the cam to the pc ….little retard is famous for shit like that ….

It wasnt a fun day , was just non stop baiting and casting and retrieving fish ….I prefer the excitement of the rod bending maybe once an hour …..where as yesterday was like “oh shit here we go again ” and again and again and again

In fact it was so full on I never got a chance to sit down for more than maybe 2 minutes …rebaiting and washing the hands so many times the skin became soft and when tying up a new trace ,the line did the old lets cut into this clowns finger right in the join trick ……..its giving me shit as I type lol

The sea was milky blue for maybe 50mtrs , the quite clean …..1/2 – 1 mtr roll …and 7 sandfly bites argh

Take a look on google earth …..the main beach north of Kaikora township , well beside the township ….follow beach rd north , until you hit old beach rd ….see what looks like a poo pond ? ……then a sand or sawdust pit ? 2 creeks flowing into the sea ??? walk out either of those creeks ….and Id recommend fresh mullet or salked pilly as bait …..and some steel trace should be carried for sure …..