Re: Latest Catches 3


You guys really should use Kaikora for your little comp ……..its fish city

HAd a rod in the water this morning by 7.15 ….took 5 minutes for the first of 9 kahawai to land on the beach ….might have been 10 , havent counted them out yet “lost track” 2 large , 3 mid size , the rest nice eating size with the odd yellow spot still visible …including a double hookup

Also caught , 5 red cod , only 1 worth keeping …the other 4 were long , probably be well over 6-7lbs if they were in good condition , but scrawny worm filled things eeewww

5 skate …..4 large 1 smaller

Finally got some revenge on those damn 7 gillers that have been biting off all my hooks over the last 3-4 outings …….didnt need steel either …..

They werent huge , just over 5’6″ …..I dont advice foul hooking them just above the tail …..they are a totally different kettle of fish lol ……

The next 7 giller was hooked conventially , but bit me off , but guess what happened next lol ….yeah , I still dont recommend foul hooking them just above the damn tail ……..I got so pissed off after 20-30 mins , that once it was inside the surf zone , I just locked up and snapped it off ……..

My old man had just landed one an inch longer than the first one I caught , and he bled it out ffs , so I had 2 to dispose of argh , and they aint easy to put back , so rather than shag around I sacrificed a nice breakaway sinker …….

Oh , and 2 school sharks … 2-3 lb , which went back , and about a 12lber …which was very long, with big head , but scrawny body ….male

The old man caught nothing else , and his mate fishing on my right caught only a dogfish …
In fact , as I rigged up their gear , and baited their hooks , it proved that the old adage “fish your feet first” may be good at night , it wasnt much chop today ….
Both rods I was using are balanced and designed for distance casting , with all my hookups out beyond 100mtrs ….while the other 2 guys caught next to nothing at 50-60 mtrs,nor at 30mtrs on more worserer casts lol

I was belting out deep for the gurnard , which werent biting today….had no mullet bait tho , which might have helped

No rig either …….bugger

fish north of the peninsula , at the north end of the beach … fact theres a small river than runs out to sea a few kms north of the pub with the giant crayfish hanging off the side ……maybe 3-4 kms ….