Re: Latest Catches 3


Lasts night outing to catch some crabs for bait was a miserable failure , as predicted I must add …
Promtly canceling the planned next days fishing to Baileys for lack of bait …….

Got up this morning , and looked outside , what a cracker day ……decided I would try my luck anyways , figured as it might be worth buying some crabs on the way.

Conditions were about as big as youd ever want , the odd 3m+ swell mixed in with lots of that shitty weed that clings to your line , pulling you into the breaking surf and dragging your gear along the beach …
Dropping down to the 1 bait , and belting it over 100mtrs , and the gear was holding just enough to make it fishable …

Was most fortunate that each time I came close to giving into temptation , a rod would buckle over ….
Can confirm jaws is still out there , but there’s 3 less rig in the ocean ….oddly enough caught on the small frozen crabs pinched off the above poster at the conclusion our last outing …….no point even trying to ring him tho as he’d not be out of bed until about 4pm