Re: Latest Catches 3


Have not had a proper Rig fish for several months and my few trips down to salty have coincided with rough or weedy seas. Have also been out of crabs for months which limited me to Salty.

The weather stations looked decent enough with winds from ENE or N with a little southerly further south. So headed towards Salty, got there around 4:30pm and found a rough sea. Plan B, drive back and fish Clifford bay instead, should have enough time to get there before the sun gets low in the sky. Unfortunately everyone wanted to drive 80km/hr today so got there a bit later then I hoped but the weather and sea was ideal for fishing so scrambled over to Monkey Bay.

I did not check the tide before leaving home but it appeared to be raising and near high (High at 8:25pm). Fishing started slow with a single Red Cod shortly after dusk. Checked the crab pot and had 2 crabs and 5 or 6 little black reef fish*. My crab catch rate improved as it got darker and the small fish went to sleep. Even caught a juvenile large red rock crab* on my final lift, Its immediately went into the compact defensive position quite a contrast against the paddles which prefer to fight or scurry around. I released the red rock crab. Got about 15 paddle crabs which should last me a couple of trips but more importantly have discovered a alternative spot to catch them which is less exposed to the bad weather.

The highlight of the night was a big fat rig (estimated 20lb) which took cooked prawn, also got a second Red Cod which was disappointing. No Moki but what looked like a second Rig strike as I was packing up around 8pm.

*uncertain of correct name.