Re: Latest Catches 3


The place I got driven out of by the wasps was the Grove Arm Jetty, the really small one. I also fished at another wharf in one of the bays not sure of the name now. Someone said they get gurnard there but didn’t bother going back because I would say it would be nearly impossible to land a ray off it with all the things in the water around the wharf. The new wharf at the start of the QC track is really nice and the lights at night time are great but you have to turn them on yourself by turning the on switch on the main electrical thing then pushing the button above it. I’d say if I actually put some time in I would have caught more but couldn’t be bothered fishing most of the time so only ended up fishing a couple hours. Was talking to someone who goes out in a boat in the area and they get rig and elephant fish and said they also get gurnard, snapper and blue cod even though you’re not meant to take them.