Re: Latest Catches 3


Went to Kaikoura during the week before going to Havelock.

Caught these two fish. Anyone know what the top one is?

Also got this Octopus in my operahouse net thing.

Saw piper swimming around under the light and still a few small schools of squid around.

Got this stingray thursday night.

Photo with PierMaster lol

Can anyone estimate the wing width in CM so I can get the estimated weight? lol

Only got mullet, kahawai and a few spotties in Havelock. Went to one good wharf that had big lights on it better than the kaikoura wharf. Even had more fish life than the kaikoura wharf with massive schools of small fish being chased by schools of mullet and the mullet being chased by big kahawai. Saw lots of herring and kahawai jumping clear of the water after fish. Also saw a few piper. Had no luck with anything bigger although I saw one eagle ray swim past. The wasps around the area drove me away from one wharf they got all over my bait and one got in my jersey down my back somehow, could only put up with it for a while lol