Re: Latest Catches 3


Just gotten back from the tree spot in Mahau Sound. Firstly a couple of comments about the “tree spot”. Casting room is very limited at high tide. The bottom section of the track is very steep and the risk of slipping is high. Especially when carrying heaps of fishing gear in the dark. I feel a headlamp is essential. If I remember I would install a rope there for others to use.

Anyway, got there around 5:45pm, the plan was to fish over high-tide which was 6:30pm. Had a range of baits which include Squid, Razor Clam and Pilchard. The sky was mostly overcast and there was a breeze of varying strength blowing into the beach most of the night.

The fishing was slow, Spotties were a pain stealing bait. After a while managed to land a modest sized Kahawai which got turned into bait. The carcass should work well to attract paddle crabs next time I go chasing them. The tough Kahawai skin slowed the spotties right down. The fishing was still slow, caught another Kahawai and a couple more strikes which were probably Kahawai.

The only real excitement occurred after dark when one of my rods bent over for a few seconds. Was running low on bait so packed up and did the difficult climb back to the car at 9:45pm.