Re: Latest Catches 3


I recall working thru christmas one year , and was bored shitless so rang a mate to pick up some gear and pick me up on his way thru town to go fishing ….

It was about 1pm when we pulled up at Pendarves , we looked over the cliff and were like “argh no!”
The sea was that purple blue colour , you know , when its as clean as it will ever get ….and flat as a pancake

We were loaded with crabs for bait , and expected to catch sfa

As usual , the fish proved us wrong ……every cast was instant hookup … rod holders were used that day ….just cast and retrieve your rig ….After less than as hour it was catch and release , until the bait ran out …..we started using half a crab leg , or just a claw …..until we got bored hauling in rig …..

Personally I still prefer a filthy sea for rig , IMO the rough sea is more coincidental with the discolouration so maybe filthy and flat is more ideal

School shark on the otherhand , I can how a medium sea would provide more food for their prey , but some visability might help too so not too rough

Starting to get itchy casting finger tho , should have stuck with plans for a gurnard mission out in pegasus bay today , bugga